Our team of professionals have been dedicated to the safe and reliable deliveries of petroleum products since 2005. Our “Safety First” policy has successfully minimized the number of transportation incidents over the years. Our extensive and continuous training programs prepare our professional drivers for the safe transportation of motor fuels to our customers.

A tanker-trailer typically transports about 9,000 gallons of fuel which is hauled by a professional driver using our state of the art equipment. We haul about a billion gallons of fuel annually to service stations in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Our Safety Director ensures that our teams strictly adhere to state and federal guidelines. The Director makes sure that every driver receives ongoing training in all aspects of fuel loading, unloading, safety, and spill containment. Announced and unannounced driver evaluations are conducted on a regular basis to assure adherence to our safety procedures.

Our hiring process includes mandatory drug testing for drivers who are hired. We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.